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The world is evolving,smartening and its our obligation to leave it better than we find it.


Nakuru eye witness spotted in another scene in Harare: Commics in Kenya have come up with yet another facinating hirarious and astonishing story mocking the eye witness saga of the ngengi guy who happened to rock the socisl media with his eyewitness thing on two different scenarials,of nakuru copper crush and governets gakuru’s accident scene. Its forged by the commics that his now a said eyewitness in the Harare sags where thr army in Zibambwe came into the scenes of Harare streets putying the veteran Mugabe under house arrest. However the duo is said to have be captured by police in Kenya and identified as Karanja who’s fingurr printd shows he is anotorious person of interest hustled by police for varioud crime incidents.


Digital kenyan cultural Shosh.

The #gikuyu people believe to have originated from #ny@g@th@g@, where their great #ancestors came from #gikuyu & #mumbi. Over the years in the #great# nation of #kenya has embraced #Westernation bt never the rest the indiginous interior #citizen have not changed abit,just #upgraded. It should be recalled that this are the people around #Mountkenya to date and #history keeps it clear that they form amajority of the nation population inter of censorship, wealth and the governance of the state as well. It is in their land that the #British colonial faced alot of humour yet aggression giving un upper hand and finally independence with the aid of their joint #brother with other #communities.

Proudly kenyan
Face and pride of Africa

Is working online legit!

online marketting

To those who have always asked them selves,”how can you work online and is it legit!” I will proud its what am currently doing by not only witting this article to hobby my urge but also to achieve a 500 words article eith niche and latter publicize it while blogging ashare to social media eg. Facebook.com, tweeter and LinkedIn in aim to caputer new followers and form traffic in the internet. Google has adsense which i tag and drag to HTML and as you reach to read this article the ads pop up creating traffic in the original blog page of the socisl medias i shared. This is one way of earning free moniterinh from google.Actually wordpress.com gives you alegit and real experience of internet bogging.You earn around 5$ and for you to be succesful,you must have atleast10,000 followers to create agood fortune.There is atype of bussines, the Affilliate OnlineMarket. This is where by you have to join and create an online account and choose the perfect domain name you prefer. Eg.edwinnganga21coke.wordpress.com .This domain helps you axcess and open websites,blog page and ability to utilise the hosting marketting tools.Globalinternetfortune.com is a living legit affilliate web hosting marketer that gives notionist enterprenuers achance to utilise and explorer all means to making ends meet online.Having adesire to explorer the opportunities beyond boardersThere are courses on how to develop your online investment skills and the benefits involved.Visit blog.com and gather all you can. With the aid of your Instruments be your own boss, life is ajourney and success is risked and gained in all way posdible. ngangablogger.wordpress.com

The Pride of Africa.

OurLand of stunting beauty.pride and belonging. Yes, my identity. Where families live with fellow families in harmony, where beauty is their nature in all hephisphere. Anation withing nation that unites all as one people.Peace love and harmony is our priority. Yes, lets unite our differencies for abetter future to our future generations.An hour from now is a future unseen.Time is unreversable hence it’s our obligation to chase time for aprogressive future.One love One People.google adsense

Journey of athousand Miles Starts with only asingle Step.

Conquirer of all

LOVE conquires all. Yes, love is indeed the master of all existance...yet a journey in existànce.Have you ever asked youself why do humanity embrace eachother! Its in our nature to give in order to receive and its all in apoint of positive view in humour. Certainly its anature beyond boarders, yes love conquires all. Since childhood we realize ourself rich in care passion and uncontrolable feeling of enhancing our inner beauty of natural mistery. Yes love conquires all.

I have adream, yes. Adream that one day all Kenyans will one day wakeup only to realize we are all created in the image and likeness of our creator.That colour, launguage nor your social class does not define who you are. Rather its your sense of humour that tells and speaks for you.

proud to belong